Antolini Exclusive Collection: Silver Stream


Elegant slabs of Silver Stream marble, a new exclusive material by Antolini, form a spectacular tableau in dialogue with the setting, opened by the large windows of a bedroom that is striking for its rigorous allure and the essential design of its furnishings and complements.

With its powerful material presence, Silver Stream, a facing with a contemporary stylistic language, is ideal for refined indoor applications. The glowing, luminous veins and chromatic variations of Silver Stream enchant one like a kaleidoscope, forming a dynamic surface in which tones of gray, white and black are underscored by the movement generated in the stone by the unpredictable forces of nature.

Silver Stream is part of the Exclusive Collection, the series of extraordinary materials by Antolini, with which the Verona-based brand contributes to celebrate and renew the timeless charm of very ancient, authentic natural stones.