Aurel K. Basedow | An encounter between the past and the present

Aurel K. Basedow

The personal and artistic life of Aurel K. Basedow is tightly bound to Como and its lake. In Italian tradition, materials, and craftsmanship, Aurel has found a strong source of inspiration for his work, merging perfectly with the knowledge gained from his various personal experiences. In this artistic and creative journey, there is something mystical, a recurring trait, also in the most important symbol of his poetics: the cross contained in almost all of his paintings. Whether obvious or just hinted at, “it’s a kind of creativity magnet”. It’s not a question of religion but, rather, a symbol of spirituality.

The former Santa Caterina Convent was the perfect scenario for his works, which found an unprecedented dimension, becoming imbued with new meanings.

When I saw the space for the first time, my jaw literally dropped. It’s a magical, almost mystical place that smells of history and art”, says Aurel Basedow.

It’s a scathing, naked, and unusual location that shows the paintings for what they are and merges with them at the same time.