Draga & Aurel

The vibrant colours of the fall foliage inspired this selection from the Transparency matters capsule collection by Draga & Aurel. Collectible design pieces entirely fabricated by hand in the designer’s atelier in Como, Italy, that play on the contrast between the transparency of resin and glass and the shine and solidity of bronze and brass. Elements bringing elegance, charm and the magic of autumn in any ambience.

JADE | The transparent cast resin top, here proposed in the typical shades of the autumn forests, is enhanced by the brass base, whose surface is treated with a handcrafted technique that allows to obtain special veins and a vintage effect.

AGATHA | The organic forms of the bronze structure, inspired by clusters of wildflowers, are obtained through the process of casting the metal inside moulds.

JOY | Light, colour and a glam touch: the Joy wall lamps reflects the inspiration from the 1970s and the Space Age. The final colour is the result of matching layers of coloured resin with a dimmable neon lighting.

JUD | A tribute to the artist Donald Judd and minimalism, the Jud lamps enrich the wall like works of art. Available in a wide range of vibrant colour variations, they are proposed here in a palette reminiscent of leaves in the early days of autumn.