Draga & Aurel

Solid, textured, and rough. Concrete is the preferred material for some of the most iconic pieces of Draga & Aurel’s capsule collection Trasperency matters. Sculptural tables, stools, benches, and consoles arose with frames created entirely from cement, often combined with brass and resin components for contrast, and characterized by vibrant textural effects produced by a particular technique involving the corrosion of sea salt.

Brutalism was the inspiration behind the products of the lines Golia and Rive. This architectural movement had huge international resonance between the 1950s and 1970s, only later becoming the emblem of the dysfunctions of the modern city and its architecture. Now, after a period of oblivion, it has returned to center stage, broadening its field of action to interior and product design and becoming trendy once more.

“In keeping with our inclination towards salvaging and being totally bewitched by this material, we introduced the use of cement several years ago to explore its artistic potential and experiment with original applications of it in product design, convinced that we could give it new life, form, and style”- Draga Obradovich comments.