Draga & Aurel

Inspired by the architecture and design movements of the past, from minimalism to Space Age, and reinterpreted in an original way through a study of shapes and materials, the wall lamps designed by Draga & Aurel go beyond mere functionality to become art objects that dialogue with the surrounding space.

Colour is the protagonist in JOY lamps. These organic “pills” of light reflect the inspiration from the 1970s and the Space Age. The final colour is the result of matching layers of coloured epoxid resin with a dimmable neon lighting. Complementing shades are layered to create a soft, blended glow effect when lit.

A tribute to the minimalism of the American artist Donald Judd, the JUD lamps are made in translucent glass with brass structure and LED light. Different tones of colour are fused together to reflect a harmonious colour palette and a sensual final result.

GOOGIE, designed by Draga & Aurel for Baxter, is inspired by the geometrical shapes of the homonymous style in vogue between the 1950s and 1970s in the United States. This modular wall lamp is made of thermoformed methacrylate with adjustable LED lights.