From Angelo Cappellini’s savoir-faire stems “Allure”, an iconographic project of enduring charm

Angelo Cappellini

Habitat settings of timeless charm, in a perfect balance between past and present, tell the story of the stylistic evolution undertaken by Angelo Cappellini, renowned Italian company specialized in the production of furnishings in styles from the past. “ALLURE”, the new project of the brand, is characterized by a refined, elegant graphic design to illustrate the infinite facets of the New Classic Interiors.

More than one hundred years of artisan virtuosity pervade the refined atmospheres of the catalogue. Four settings, distant from each other in terms of inspirations and architectural connotations, welcome the original collections, rich in elegant details: carved and inlaid wood, elaborate bronze decorations and gold leaf finishes are the absolute protagonists of the scene.

Across the pages of the catalogue a fascinating tale unfolds, paced by furnishings and complements that reinterpret techniques and styles of the past in a contemporary language marked by a skillful mixture of styles, textures, materials and finishes in a tribute to the excellence of classic furniture.