Nuance, an innovative “New Classic Interiors” project

Angelo Cappellini

An extraordinary example of formal research and tailoring designed to satisfy the tastes and needs of an increasingly diverse, international clientele. Nuance is the name of the new project developed to reinterpret classic furniture with originality and charm. A journey to discover the best products by AC&C, which is faithful to the traditional emphasis on high quality, while restyling period furniture with a more contemporary appeal.

It presents five different settings – Eclettico, Hermitage, Bohemienne, Casinò Royale and Hamptons – that vary according to customers’ different tastes and cultures, but share the same attention to detail and the total customization capability that makes Angelo Cappellini’s products truly unique. The result of this great enterprise, overseen by stylist Laura Cazzaniga, is collected in the “Nuance” photo book: it is not simply a product catalog, but a true tale of interior stories in which timeless classic style is explored in all its many facets. Nuances, to be precise.