Opera Contemporary makes its debut in the Far East, bringing a fresh take on contemporary luxury to Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai

Packed with bold material detailing and sophisticated savoir faire, the new Opera Contemporary collections are touching down in one of the biggest cities in the Far East: Shanghai. Angelo Cappellini, the group’s main brand, has been active in the area for years with a thriving network of sales points, and now the brand’s exclusive style looks set to further entice the Chinese public with its fresh take on contemporary luxury.

The brand’s prime location – on the ground floor – is underpinned by a sophisticated display area featuring a range of stunning, minimalist pieces where the sculptural quality of marble combines with the elegant shine of metal. The common theme of the display area is the exquisite collection of neutral tones used, while a beguiling shade of green – a symbol of prosperity and harmony in Chinese culture – brings emphasis to the furniture and accessories.

Thanks to this complete, sophisticated collection packed with seating, tables, beds and accessory pieces, Opera Contemporary is able to bring its unique style to every main area of the house. In Shanghai, the brand will be showcasing a living room, dining room and office corner.