Opera Contemporary presents Aurora: lounge chair and ottoman designed by Draga & Aurel

Opera Contemporary

Opera Contemporary, a dynamic Italian producer of luxury furnishings, under the art direction of the studio Bestetti Associati, announces the launch of Aurora, the first new product for 2021: a lounge chair with a forceful character, an iconic, timeless piece of furniture capable of combining manufacturing excellence and contemporary style.

The new entry is by the designers Draga & Aurel, highly acclaimed on an international level, with an eclectic background ranging from fashion to art, furniture to crafts, channeled into innovative design creations. The designers have imagined a sinuous silhouette suggesting the styling of the 1960s, capable of bringing out the best in the piece’s balanced proportions, the soft padding of the leather and the fine workmanship that is an earmark of the brand. A product that stands out for its ephemeral lightness and forceful lines. Almost a sculpture to display in any space in the home, a perfect mixture of elegance, comfort and functional quality.

A lounge chair and ottoman with curved, carefully proportioned organic forms, Aurora stands out for the maximum slimming of the wooden cross-sections, in the point where the levers cross, and for the extreme lengthening of the legs which become a forceful architectural sign, thanks to the presence of refined metal accents.