Opera Contemporary returns to the Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai

Opera Contemporary

The Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai is an indispensable appointment for Opera Contemporary. On 22-24 November 2018, the brand’s rigorous stylistic approach finds a showcase at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, with a wide range of offerings based on essential, elegant geometric lines.

Increasingly coveted by Asian clients, the inimitable crafted savoir faire of Made in Italy is embodied in an exceptional way by Opera Contemporary; the brand founded in 2010 by Angelo Cappellini, in fact, represents the perfect blend of contemporary lines and painstaking selection of materials.

The installation is organised with three communicating settings that ideally illustrate the main functional areas of the home. The living area, dining room and bedroom zone intertwine in a compelling narrative based on the unique bespoke prowess of Opera Contemporary, in the form of a sophisticated selection of furnishings with contemporary flair.


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